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    I have been searching on and off for a month now on .spt files. Here is a bit of background information that I believe would be relevant to why I am intrigued and asking about this.

    I am a custom content creator for The Sims 4 game. I do a lot of conversions from The Sims 3 Store and The Sims 3 game/packs into The Sims 4 game. I have a few collections that I am working on and am wanting to convert outdoor plants that use the .spt files.

    I found out using software that is used to recolor, retexture, convert items that the outdoor plants for the sims 3 are actually speedtree software made items. So, I have been combing the web to find out what software will accept the importing of the .spt file(s) and then allow me to export the file(s) as .obj with the uvmaps, textures, meshes, etc into Blender or Milkshape if .obj will not give me what I need. I am not concerned with the animation due to the fact that the animation is done differently with the sims 4 game. I just need to be able to get the item into blender and so far, I have not been able to.

    I did find a blog on .spt files. The following software is suppose to be able to accept the importing of the file.

    - IDV SpeedTree CAD
    This I have found may not be available anymore. If it is, then it will not be supported. It should be available on this website; however, that page is not found.

    - Autodesk 3ds Max with SpeedTree Max Plugin
    This one I downloaded the 2016 version of this, but could not find a plugin nor any software at Autodesk with the plugin built in. I searched all over this website for the plugin and in the add-on section. I couldn't find anything for 3ds Max. I could have looked over it and not even known it.

    - Autodesk 3ds Maya with SpeedTree Maya Plugin
    This is the only one I have not been able to check on yet, but I will be.

    - 3D Studio Max
    This website is no longer available or they have moved or changed their name.

    So, I downloaded SpeedTree Modeller; however, I was unable to import the .spt only accepted the .spm

    I am truly at a loss and would really like to know if it is at all possible to get these plants into Blender to have them in the TS4 game. A lot of the TS3 plants are not in the TS4 game. Is this a losing battle?

    By the way, the plants are NOT SpeedTree library plants. They are EA plants and they do not mind if their meshes are converted to another Sims game or even an EA game, but they are not allowed to be used in any other way. (So, I am not stealing and I don't ever claim their work as my own.)

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and considering to help me.