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    Reading this document:

    Looks like SpeedTree used to have cool options for knocking out intersecting leaves and dealing with overdraw.
    But as I can't find it in SpeedTree 8, I assume it's a legacy functionality. Btw, how can I know what documents apply to SpeedTree 8?

    In SP8 there are options for eliminating colliding leaves, but almost no parameters to set (!). Or maybe it's just that I don't know where to look for?

    Is there anything else, giving control over what leaves will be knocked-out, based on their .. volume, rather than anchor placement?
    (I already know about knock-out in properties generation section. That fives some randomness, reduces amount of leaves/branches but does not deal with overdraw in a smart way.)

    Having options none/low/medium/high doesn't give much control whatsoever.

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    Hi Artur,

    Here is the main page link to our v8 documentation:

    As for the Collision, you can control the Leaf or Frond collision by editing the Generator's -> Collision settings.

    Here is the documentation page that explains Collision:
    Here is the page to the Leaf Generator properties and their descriptions, just scroll down to the 'Collision' group:

    Hope this helps!