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Need advice on how to go about modeling a pandanus roof?

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  • Need advice on how to go about modeling a pandanus roof?

    Hey guys,

    Can someone point out what kind of technique should I use for modeling this kind of roof?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	roof-top-daybed.jpg
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    I am novice with speedtree, played around with generation settings of already created models but never really created one from scratch.

    This would be for use inside UE4.

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    I am unsure if you wish for this to be a higher poly mesh or a low poly mesh. However, since you mentioned UE4 (i am assuming low), my advice is to create the pagoda mesh in an outside program and apply a UV textures of the straw onto it. You can add more details on it by importing it into SpeedTree as a mesh, along with the texture, and generate 'Fronds' with palm like leaves that grow along the roof for more detail. This way the mesh isn't so flat and not too high in triangle count.

    Hope this helps.


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      Hey Sonia,

      Thanks for your advice. I already have the mesh which looks like this.

      Considering this is for archviz it can be something like med poly, I am thinking up to 100-150k polys.

      I am not sure how to generate Fronds aligned to the mesh normals.