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Transparent Background + Ground Shadows?

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  • Transparent Background + Ground Shadows?


    Is it possible to save an Image Sequence with ground shadows, but without the ground (transparent background)?

    I currently save the sequence with Alpha: Material/Opacity (perhaps here is where I'm making a mistake, or the transparency options in the tree window properties), and using only the Shadows option, or Shadows + Ground each image seems to show only the tree. Rendering a video from those sequences however show either a solid background or the default background color + shadows in the second case, even though the image sequence didn't show either. In a browser like Chrome, they both disappear leaving only the tree anyway; in Firefox the backgrounds still show.. Though that may be a problem with their alpha support, I'd still like to know if it's possible to have only the ground shadows without the actual ground as well in the Image Sequence.


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    Hi Nick,

    I would suggest exporting the sequence two times with these settings.
    1. Export with Standard and Material / Opacity - with the ground and shadows turned off.
    2. Export with the Lighting / Shadows - with the shadows and ground turned on

    Then you can take them into Photoshop or a compositing program and multiply the Shadows pass version to the Standard/Opacity version. You will have to adjust the Shadows pass opacity as well.

    Here are 2 screenshots of the settings:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	export2.JPG
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Name:	export1.JPG
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    Hope this helps!