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Growth Animation - Position Issue

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  • Growth Animation - Position Issue

    I recently worked on some ivy vines twining on a mesh but run in some issues while animating them. I'm pretty happy with the look, but as soon as I activate the growth checkbox, everything gets messed up. For my setup I used the trellis example; just changed the mesh and did my adjustments. I wanted 8 vines growing on my mesh and I positioned them manually and that works fine, but for some reason when activating growth, they kind of reset the position.

    As you can see, they now start growing on the axis of the coordinate system. Changing the x/y-position or the anchor manually per node after growth is activated, does not have any effect.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello- whats the version of the modeler that you're working with? If possible I'd try updating to the most recent of 8.2.1. We had a positioning bug not too long ago. If you're in the most recent and still getting the error, can you do a "save with assets" and send us the file via [email protected] so we can take a look at the issue?


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      thanks for the answer; I'm already using latest Version 8.2.1.
      I really don't know whats the issue here, so any help is much appreciated. Maybe the template transferred some postion data over to my mesh, that only becomes active while growth is enabled?
      Anyway I attached my spm here: Ivy_Growth_Assets.rar