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  • unknown nodes to me!


    I have a date palm tree and I've upgraded It to the new system in ST 8 , It automatically created some nodes that are not in the available list of the nodes.
    my question is If these are just helper nodes for compatibility reasons or ..?

    and another question :
    when converted my fronds are clipped or pruned somehow, I don't where to extend it , I change the break parameter of spine but It suddenly crashes. do I need to change this parameter ?

    thank you in advance

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    The Upgrading of v7 trees isn't always 100% correct, it tries to get it as close as possible. The black generator icons are Branch generators with the 'Skin' -> 'Type' set to 'Spine only' instead of 'Polygons'. This basically hides the skin of the branches and just keeps the spine for the fronds to grow from. This saves on triangles and you can use the branch properties to control placement and the Frond shape. As well as the properties in the Frond generator to get the look you want.

    Something I noticed with this update is that you will have to set the 'Frond' generator -> 'Shape' -> 'Scale' properties to 1. Also, the caps on the fronds can be removed because you won't be needing them. You will need to assign the materials to the frond generators as well.
    Here is the documentation page describing the properties found in the Frond generator:

    As for the crashing when changing the branch's 'Breaking' -> 'Chance', I was unable to get it to crash.

    I hope this helps!



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      Thank you Sonia!

      That explanation helped me a lot.

      please help me with these too:

      1- is there any way to know that the current generator is of what kind of generators? for starters like me It is confusing because in the properties panel It just show the name of the generator not the type of it!

      2- I try to replicate the black generator with another one, but the doc says there is one branch generator but there are 5 actually. they are the same with different shape right? which one I should use?

      3- in fact what is the correct way to get the same result in v 8? , same: branch generator set to spine only and a frond generator attached to it?

      4- and is there any way to change the generator editor organize to portrait permanently ? ( I found no options in the preferences to do that)
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        1. In the v8 ST modeler, Fronds were changed to not have spines anymore. So you have to use a Branch generator as the spine and the Frond is just the mesh on top of the spine.

        2. You can see what generator by looking at the colors and icons. For example, all the brownish-red icons are the Branch generators. The greenish ones are the leaf generators. When you switch the Branch generator -> 'Skin' - 'Type' to 'Spine only', it changes that icon to black to let you know the skin has been removed, but it is still a Branch generator. The documentation pages show what the generator color and icon looks like.

        3. Right click in the Generation editor window -> 'Organize' and select the 'Portrait' option.

        4. They are all the same type of generator, Branch generator. It is just that these are generator templates with specific settings that are pre-set for the user to make it easier and quicker to work.


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          very cool

          the Generation Editor window > Organize :
          I change it to Portrait , but each time that I load a tree or I restart SP it just rolls back to Automatic. what can I do to change it permanently to say 'Portrait'?


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            any suggestions please!


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              I will log this for our engineers to looks at. The only suggestion I can give is to switch it back to Portrait whenever you open a new file.

              Sorry for the inconvenience!