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Rendering issue in speedtree viewport

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  • Rendering issue in speedtree viewport

    Hey guys! I'm getting very strange rendering on this grass asset built in speedtree. I baked the high poly maps in speedtree and am using them with the cutout editor to make the alpha cards. The same asset when exported looks very different in marmoset/ue4, so I figured it must be a rendering issue in the viewport inside speedtree? Seems like the alphs are very chunky and rendering differently than the alphas i baked (attached screenshot).

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    You didn't post any of your original or exported textures, so I can't really be sure what is going wrong. If other apps are rendering it correctly, then it seems the textures are probably fine.

    Some of it could be caused by your graphics card. The Modeler uses alpha to coverage (A2C) for antialiasing of alpha edges, so you need to have a graphics card that supports this (most any recent dedicated graphics card does). Also, make sure you haven't disabled it in your graphics card settings or in the windows properties of the Modeler.

    But also, in the Modeler, there are settings to not load the full sized textures to save on graphics card memory. On the material, you can force it to use the original-sized texture, which may give you more resolution on the alpha channel. Also, we boost the alpha a bit in the mipmaps of the textures so the tree doesn't get too spindly as you back away. If you get close and it looks fine but it gets chunky as you back away, this might be what you are seeing (especially if in combination with alpha to coverage being off).


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      Hi Greg, thanks for ur reply! Attached the textures baked from speedtree. Like u said, it seems to be a graphical issue. I made the alpha in photoshop and imported it and still had the same problem. I changed my rendering settings to the highest and transparency is set to "Best available (A2C if possible" in speedtree. My gpu is a gtx 960m and about 2 years old, could that be the reason?