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  • Upgrade Spine Generator

    Hello, the official documentation says that the Spine Generator is outdated and asked to upgrade to the Branch generator, but the Spine Generator has a very convenient property called "Perturbance", what can I replace this property in the Branch generator? Upgrade button makes a bad result.

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    The 'Perturbance' properties v7 were replaced with the 'Noise' properties found in the Branch Generator -> 'Spine' group. In that group you have 'Early Noise' and 'Late Noise' options.

    Early Noise is applied when the spine is being computed and Late Noise is applied after the Spine is computed. You use the 'Amount' property to set the strength of the noise and the 'Turbulence' property to set how chaotic the noise wave is.
    Here is a link to the documentation about the properties found in the Branch Generator:

    The upgrade tries to get the results as close as it can, but with the differences in properties and how they operate, it is difficult to match exactly.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you so much!