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SpeedTree Export to UE4 *NEED HELP PLEASE*

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  • SpeedTree Export to UE4 *NEED HELP PLEASE*


    i use speedtree for ue4 version 8.1.4 Beta from the official website.

    When i try to export my Models and import then to the unreal engine 4 (i made same like tutorial on yt) then i have a tree without leaves :/
    I make everything the same things as in the tutorial but my models allready have no leaves..

    little bushes and grass are okay but trees are without leaves.
    My englisch is not perfekt, so sry for that.

    i hope everyone can help me :/
    its very frustrating

    Here is a Screenshot from it

    best regarts cap
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    Make sure you watch this tutorial if you select the incorrect options when you export the tree or if you also select the incorrect options when you are importing the tree into UE4 you are gonna have issues.

    I have exported and imported over 30 or so different trees so far and I have encountered 0 issues , if you are selecting the correct options try with other trees , if you encounter the same problem it might be related to UE4 most likely, you might want to upload the bsm file so that we can give it a try.


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      thank for your answer sir

      i will check it in one or two hours and come back to tell you its work or not

      the problem is, i make no other options in the speedtree software..
      I only take trees out my libary and export them to unreal.
      one tree is perfekt and all is good but the next one makes this problems i have show you in this post on top.

      is it possible that every tree needs his own options to work fine in ue4 ?


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        so i see the tutorial.. but the problem is that is the same tutorial what i see and i made all identical as in the video shows

        same settings in my export and in the import to ue but i have still massive problems

        sometimes i have complete no leavs and sometimes a tree works fine..all with the same settings.

        and sometimes i have only 5 % leavs on it.

        here is another screenshot


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          Are you using default materials that come with speedtree and also are you using speedtree V7. something or version 8 Beta?


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            Yes sir, everything is export by default.. directly from the libarys
            I use the Version 8 Beta but i also Try the v7


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              hi CapDesignz

              1- you are importing a model made in speedtree cinema so you need (in speedtree) to re-assign the meshes of foliage
              2- you need to study also LODs (in unreal), is not "sometimes" you see/miss foliage. you cans see in LOD0 and you starting to loose/miss from LOD1-2. the problem is the point 1- (you need new meshes for the foliage)