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Trees and 3DS Max rectangle leaves

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  • Trees and 3DS Max rectangle leaves

    I'm interested in speedtree, but I don't want to get into it if it won't work. I've had troubles with other 3d tree models where upon importing into 3ds max and rendering the model, or another rendering program, that the leaves become rectangles after rendering and exporting.

    Does someone have any idea what I'm talking About?
    I need to know how to fix this issue when exporting after a render or in a third party renderer.

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    Sorry you seem to have had trouble. We updated our script about a year ago, so if you haven't tested that then I would suggest to give it a try. The rectangle leaves may have been cause because the file format/render you imported into Max. For example, if you are using V-Ray and import the ST model as a regular .FBX without the V-Ray option selected, then the materials won't be set-up properly.

    Hope this helps!