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  • Exporting questions

    I'm subscribed to the ue4 modeler. However, I really need an FBX export. Is there any way for me to export these meshes to FBX with the UE4 Modeler?

    Also, if there is no way to currently do it, If I purchased cinema, could I export them the same way the UE4 Modeler does? I'm worried that the materials would be set up different. I know currently, the UE4 modeler will combine all of the materials together so there's less draw calls. Will Cinema do this as well? More of a "game ready" asset?

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    Unfortunately, there is no other file format export except for UE4 when using the UE4 subscription based modeler. If you are interested in purchasing another version that will allow you do export other formats, I would suggest e-mailing out sales team. They can help direct you to the correct version and pricing.

    Just e-mail [email protected]

    Hope this helps!