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speedtree UE4 wind on single leaves

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  • speedtree UE4 wind on single leaves

    Hi all

    i have a problem with the wind and the leaves (single meshes).

    i can't understand how single leaves can move by WIND in Unreal.

    when i exporting i have wind influence but only on brunch and twigs. the leaves just moving with them.

    someone know hot to get wind influence also on the meshes leaves?

    i need to move leaves like this

    many thanks
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    To get wind on individual leaves, you need to make sure to tune it the way you want inside the ST modeler itself. I would suggest using the 'Best' wind preset. Using the Leaf Motion properties that appear when you click on the fan icon, you can get a leaf wind motion that is similar. Then you would need to export the asset and bring it into the UE4 engine. If you are using the v8 and up ST Modeler for UE4, then the wind will automatically import as Best Plus into UE4. If you are using one of the v7 ST modelers, then you need to specify for the wind to be Best Plus.

    Here is a link to the documentation page about UE4 Wind:

    Let me know if this helps!


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      it was wind preset!

      now with "best" evrithing is ok many thanks!