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Importing a mesh from Zbrush or Maya ... Mesh fronds ?

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  • Importing a mesh from Zbrush or Maya ... Mesh fronds ?

    Hello to all, here after doing research videos and visited the documentation of speedtree I did not find an answer to my question ... How do you import a Zbrush or Maya mesh on speedtree modeler? The documentation speaks of a node named "mesh fronds" but the node does not exist. If I go through the menu "mesh"> "Edit mesh" I import my mesh directly into "mesh force" how to import a modelization as a trunk?
    thank you in advance

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    In the v8 modeler, you want to import the mesh into the modeler, create a 'Zone' generator, click the enable checkbox in the Zone's 'Meshes' group and select the imported mesh. The use of Mesh Fronds for importing outside assets was a v7 modeler technique. This could be why you have difficulty finding it, because it's a Legacy generator now.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you for your answer! I had already used the node "zone" the problem is that no other node such as "big branch" works, and moreover the mesh does not put it to pose 0 ... I send you a screen of the problem


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        Which version of the SpeedTree modeler are you using? If you have v8.2 for cinema and games, then you can take a different approach; such as use the Photogrammetry -> Mesh generator.

        As for the Big Branches, you would have to edit the Radius and Length because it comes in at a default size which may be too big or small for your imported mesh. With the Zone generator and mesh, we are not able to tell the size of the radius or length of your imported mesh, which is why the scale is off. Placement will also be a little finicky. Any other generators growing from that first level branch generator should work normally.


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          I'm using version 8.2, I'll try to apply your advice tomorrow.

          To synthesize the solutions :

          -Use the "photogrammetry> mesh"
          -Use "radius" and "lenght" for the "big branches"

          Thank you very much, I will keep you informed tomorrow during the day !!


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            Hello again the speedtree team.

            Here I managed to import my mesh thanks to the advice of SoniaPiasecki, after having placed it in the center of the world with the transforms that's what he tells me.

            I can not solve the problem ... again I need your help :'(


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              Try these 3 things.

              1. Go to 'Skin' and disable 'Welding', could be that the branch welding is failing and causes them to be removed.
              2. Make sure the 'Skin' -> 'Radius' isn't too large or small for your imported mesh. You'll have to adjust this property.
              3. Go to the Branch generators 'Generation' group and switch it to 'Absolute Steps' with the 'First' set to 0.25 and the 'Last' - 0.9. Make sure there is no 'Spread'. With this generation style, you can set exactly how many branches and steps you want.

              Let me know if this helps.