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speedtree ambient occlusion window do not open/

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  • speedtree ambient occlusion window do not open/

    hi all

    i'm new in speedtree

    i try to open this pop up/window

    i see i need to select "generate AO" but it's only generat AO without show me options

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    That pop-up window with the SO settings was a SpeedTree modeler v7 feature. In the SpeedTree v8 modeler, you just hit the AO push button in the toolbar above the viewport to calculate it. You can then tune the AO by clicking on the Light icon in the right hand side of the viewport. You will notice that the Light properties will appear and there will be an 'Ambient Occlusion' group.

    Here is a link to the documentation page describing what the properties do:

    Hope this helps!


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      thank you again SoniaPiasecki

      it was really not explained well in the docs. it working fine btw