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Model Grapes in the modeler for unreal

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  • Model Grapes in the modeler for unreal

    is it possible to model grapes in the unreal version?
    I imported a grape model I made in Maya but it doesn't interact with the wind.

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    It depends on where the pivot point is and what the Generator with the grape mesh -> Wind -> Blue Curve is set at. Are you using a Leaf generator with the material and mesh loaded? Then make sure that the Wind -> Blue Curve is set to either 'Linear Growth' or 'Exp Growth'. Then click on the Fan icon and make sure that you have the preset set to 'Best' and that there is some 'Ripple' or 'Direction Adherence' value in the 'Leaf Motion' group.

    You can also see is just running the Wind Wizard on the model works and then just tune the settings to your liking.
    Here is a link to the documentation page about UE4 wind that can help:

    Let me know if this helps!