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Weird and strong Black Shadows on Leaves in Unreal

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  • Weird and strong Black Shadows on Leaves in Unreal

    How can I fix the dark shadow spots on the leaves inside Unreal? I need to fix this issue asap if possible!
    the light in my scene is casted by directional light and a sunlight. The tree is set to movable with dynamic shadow "On", and cast static shadow unticked.
    I get the same result with cast static shadow ticked.
    I get a better result (brighter shadow) with cast shadow set to "'off", which is weird because it shouldnt have any shadow

    Also, the wind isnt working in Unreal. I followed the steps: wind set to best and included it in the export window

    Thank you!

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    If shadows are off, then that isn't shadowing, that's regular lighting. What do your per-vertex normals look like in SpeedTree? (you can hit N and normals will be shown for anything selected)

    With specular in PBR, leaves do much better with normals that are close to face normals. So that could be one solution for you. But if you have instead really ratcheted the normals around, perhaps to create a lollipop-lighting look on this tree, then you will need to tell UE4 to stop flipping the normals on the backsides of leaves, which is something it does by default. To do this in the material in UE4, multiply the normal map with the TwoSidedSign node before feeding it onto the normal input on the material. This will make it always use the original normal instead of flipping it on the backside.