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    Hi, help me please, I need to arrange the leaves in the position as in the picture where the branch is not divided, I have no difficulties with such branches, but with branches that have separation there is a problem, I attach an image, as well as my leaf settings

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    I would suggest starting by creating a new Leaf generator, and setting the Generation -> 'Mode' to 'Phyllotaxy' instead of 'Interval'. In that mode, there is a 'Arrangement' -> 'Style' option, change that to 'Opposite (distichous)'. This will place a leaf on each side of the branch, exactly opposite from their partner. You can then offset them by adding a 'Spread' value. This will get you a nice starting off place with the leaves set like you described. You can then use the other properties to fine tune the leaf placement and shape.

    For example, setting the 'Local Orientation' -> Alignment property to a value of .75 and then setting the Green curve next to it to 'Linear Growth'. This will make the leaves towards the tip of the branch stay closer together and spread out the leaves towards the end of the branch.

    Here is a link to the documentation page describing this Generation modes properties:

    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you so