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Workflow going from Speedtree 7.1.1 to maya/vray

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  • Workflow going from Speedtree 7.1.1 to maya/vray

    So I am learning speedtree for my company, and I am having problems getting my trees into maya correctly. I am following this documentation
    and for the most part it works, but the trees seem to have problems....
    -The UVS dont seem correct (they are a mess in the UV editor some pieces stretched and scued) and the textures are repeating in areas that they shouldent....
    -The opacity maps are not getting plugged in which can be a pain when there's like 20 textures in 1 tree and nothing gets named
    -The trees just dont look good in general when I render (vray sun and sky w/physical camera).... they seem flat and lack luster as if the materials are not coming in correctly, they look 100x better in the speedtree viewport
    Pretty awesome program though.... I hope I can get this looking good =)

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    This is strange behavior. Did you load the SpeedTree plugin? Also make sure that when you export the mesh (for example: you can select FBX for Mental Ray or FBX for VRay), that you load the correct corresponding FBX file in Maya.

    Also, how did they look when rendered?

    If you have followed all these steps and experience the same issue, would you mind sending a zipped FBX file of this?