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  • SpeedTree v8 Unity Batch Export

    Is there a batch export available in the Unity modeler? I couldn't find it, at least not in the export only version of the modeler.

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    Do you mean exporting lots of trees at one? No, there is no feature like that.

    If you mean combining multiple trees into one atlas, yes you can do that. When you open multiple trees at once and then export one, new options for combining all the open trees show up in the export dialog. HOWEVER, there is a known bug currently when doing this that may cause you to crash. We'll get that fixed soon.


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      I meant I have to convert lots of trees to Unity. I'd like to do that in a batch job and not load every single tree into the modeler and export it manually.

      By the way, is there an option to not load every tree into a dedicated tab and have a new tab created every time I open a new tree? I ran into an out of memory exception and had no idea why, after I manually loaded and exported one tree after the other. ST8 became slower and slower. Now I know
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        Unfortunately, you will have to open, convert and export the models from the modeler one at a time. As for the tab, ever tree is it's own file so it automatically comes in as it's own tab. I would suggest opening a few at a time and closing when down.

        Hope this helps!