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  • Spinefix grasses

    Hi, I have a three pair mesh of planes crossing each other for a spinefix bush/grass. How can I use it in Speedtree? Tried attaching it to a Frond mesh but it is off center and squashed in one axis. Want it to work with wind. Hope someone has an answer.
    Click image for larger version

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    You are on the right track! You just create a Frond Mesh, then under that nodes Properties -> Geometry Types check Leaf style fronds. If they are squishing you can alter/fix that by changing the contour curve or the width/height under the Frond Tab in that nodes properties. You may also want to see if changing the contour style helps.
    Let me know if this helped!


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      Thanks Julia, that did help using the frond method as you described and it worked fine. Now I am having problems with the wind in Unity models either not moving at all or being blown flat, while set on calm in the Wind Wizard. But that is another issue.
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