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Messing the Mesh-Frond v8

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  • Messing the Mesh-Frond v8

    Hello there, I used speedtree for like a month now, so I am kind of an average user. I am actually having no troubles to create trees. but I saw tutorials that you will be able to create vegations such as grass, flowers , ambushes , etc. I searched for tutorials on that in youtube, I found out the users are making grass using Mesh-Frond ( handdrawing a trunk and unticking Cap and Branch from the generator and ticking the Frond option this allows them to apply a grass image to it and easily hand-draw it again with the grass applied ) unfortunately this was available in speedtree v7 ( as I searched for hours for this option in my latest version ( version 8 ), but didn't find anything like that ) so is there anyway to get this mesh-frond option in speedtree v8? this is gonna help me so much in my enviroment process.. Also is there a possibility or other alternatives to create the grass and the other vegations stuff I missed out? thanks in advance.

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    As you mentioned, the 'Mesh Frond' generator was a v7 Legacy generator. In v8, you can model grass/undergrowth by using two different techniques.

    1. Use Leaf Generators: You can load the material, create a mesh for this material by using the 'Mesh-cutout' tool and then assign the material to the Leaf generator. You would then use the Generation properties to place the mesh and the 'Deformation' properties to shape it some. If you are making a games model, then you would want to create a cluster of the grass blades -> 'Export Material' and then load that as your texture. However, with this technique you don't have stems.

    2. Use Fronds: You would need to first add a Branch generator to act as the Spine of the frond: so Branch generator, then Frond generator. You can choose to keep the branch and assign a texture to it or make it so the geometry of the branch is hidden and the branch spine is kept. You can do this by going to the Branch generator -> 'Skin' group and setting the 'Type' from 'Polygons' to 'Spine Only'. Just like I mentioned earlier, create a Material then the Mesh and assign it to the Frond generator. With this technique, the frond will adhere to the shape of the branch spine and you have your set of properties in the Frond generator that can be used to shape the frond leaf.

    Hope this helps!


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      Of course this helps, thank you for this demonstration, I also looked the grass sample in the program and understood, more thanks very much <3