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Anchor points to a spherical mesh?

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  • Anchor points to a spherical mesh?

    I've brought in a mesh (a sphere in this case) and did slight deformations to it using a leaf mesh gen. I've then attached this at the tips of branches and essentially created a cartoonish tree.

    The problem: What I'd then like to do is attach additional anchor points around this mesh and place a bunch of additional leaf meshes for a fairly standard looking cartoony tree. As near as I can tell there is no way to attach anchor points to a mesh without using a 'zone'. But I can't get the zone to deform in the same way I can deform the leaf mesh (and randomize). What is an alternative solution?

    Quick side note - I'm using the latest Unity version
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    Which version of the modeler are you using?

    If you have the versions that include the Photogrammetry tools, you can select and export that deformed mesh by going to 'File' -> 'Export selected as mesh'. Then open a blank ST scene, import the deformed sphere as a mesh along with it's Material and assign the mesh to the material.
    1. Next, go to the Generation editor, right click -> 'Add Geometry' -> 'Photogrammetry' and select the 'Mesh' generator option.
    2. Assign the material to that generator and the mesh should appear. Make sure mesh is at the center (0,0) position in the viewport, if it isn't, you can node edit it to that position.
    3. Then add a 'Place 3D Anchors' generator as a child of the Mesh generator (right click in Generation editor -> 'Add Geometry' -> 'Photogrammetry' -> 'Place 3D anchors' ).
    4. Hold down the space bar and click on the points on the mesh you want a Mesh Anchor to be placed.
    5. Once done, go to 'File' -> 'Export Mesh' and export the mesh as a .XML file. Also, make sure 'Skip texture saving' is checked. Unless you want to re-export the same material and re-assign it in the original tree file.
    6. Just replace the sphere mesh in the original tree file with the new one, remove the deformation properties you had on it and then just create another 'Leaf' generation as a child to the sphere mesh Leaf generator. This should place the leaves in the spot you placed the anchor points.

    Here is a tutorial that will show how you click place the anchor points. But in your case, you will use the 'Place 3D anchors' generator template:
    Here is a documentation page to help explain:

    Let me know if this helps!


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      As near as I can tell, there is no photogrammetry option to ST Unity version 8.3. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is this an additional plug-in that I'm missing?

      In the video I notice there are beta marks on the generators. Is there a beta Unity version I should be downloading?
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        You are correct, the photogrammetry tools isn't included in the subscription modelers. You could try making the deformed sphere in an outside program and then import it and assign it in a Zone generator.