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Lacking Information about segments

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  • Lacking Information about segments

    Hello there, during my workflow I usually neglect the segments section, but I am feeling I am missing something very important as in many samples in speedtree they usually adjust its values, as far as I know it is responsible for the segments size and thus the amount of details, but still I am lacking when to make the values higher , when to decrease it, when to enable the radial, etc.. I am totally lost in it. thanks in advance <3

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    The amount of segments really depends of what you are making and for what purpose. For example, if you are making a VFX model that will be up close to the camera, then you want more segments (triangles) in your model for detail purposes. If it is further away, then you wouldn't need so many triangles in your model then. If this is a game model, then you want to keep your model under a certain triangle count. For example, a desktop version being around 15k to 20k and hero model being 50k or under.

    Normally, in a VFX model, you want more segments in the Trunk and Main Level branches. The higher the branch level is the less segments you need, like twigs.

    Also, if you are making something and want smoother curves, you would increase the length segment amount and maybe add a optimization of 0.25 so that the triangles on the curves stay but the ones not really needed on the straighter portions of the branch are removed.

    Basically, it all comes down to intent and Max triangle count. We try to keep our VFX full sized tree at a Medium resolution around 1 million triangles.

    I hope this helps!