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Branches only directly opposite each other for flat tree?

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  • Branches only directly opposite each other for flat tree?


    I'm exploring using speedtree to generate a flat tree structure to create a blood vessel system, later to be wrapped onto a surface.
    So I'm looking for a way to make branches only grow in a flat plane just on the 'left' and 'right', ie only every 180 degrees around the radius of the trunk.
    The result I'm looking for is a model that could theoretically be slipped into an IKEA flat pack.

    Is this possible?


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    Hi Fred,

    You can model this type of structure by creating a Trunk or branch node, set the 'Radius', 'Displacement', etc to get the desired look you want. Then change 'Start Angle' to 0. This way, you can continue to model your veining look and follow the ground plane. You can then keep the trunk and branches from going up or down by applying a 'Planar' force to them. Just add a 'Planar' force, enable the force in all the generators you want it appled too and alter the 'Planar' force strength and curve.

    This way, you can apply noise to the branches and still have the flat look.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Sonia,

      thanks a lot for your reply and suggestion!
      Yes that sort of works. Although I still get branches growing out in the unwanted directions perpendicular to the plane.

      But using your technique, maybe there's a way to Prune the branches growing up or down? I think I saw something like that in one of the tabs...
      I'll try.

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        To keep the branches growing only left and right, you could try making sure there is no 'Spiral' applied in the 'Generation' properties. Or rotate them so they are all facing the same direction.


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          Pruning results might be a bit hard but using the generation style set to phyllotaxy (opposite) or interval (2 branches) would keep them on the same side of a trunk.