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need help with radius of parent branches

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  • need help with radius of parent branches

    Hello everyone

    I'm started to create my first tree and got stuck wih radius parametr of the branches. First of all i created a trunk with splits in skin settings. Then i added a branche to each of split using "extend parent" in general setting. And after that i realised that the radius parametr of branch doesn't work at all. How i can control the radius in this case.
    For more informtion see attachment

    Thank a lot for help
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    Here's how I do it. Not sure if it's the correct way but it works. I manipulate the profile curve (blue line)

    Click image for larger version

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      Thank you for help. I also found "Length comp" parameter and combined it with blue curve of "absolut"
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        For the 'Extended Parent' branches, I would suggest using the 'Radius' -> '+ % of Parent' property and setting it to 1.0. The bottom of these branches (where it welds to the trunk) won't be able to get bigger than the size of the parent, but by using the blue curve, you can make the rest of the branch bigger. Using the 'Length Compensation' property helps with this as well, just as you noticed. When the tip of the branch gets thin too fast, this property helps you make it bigger.

        Hope this helps!


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          Hi SoniaPiasecki,

          Thank you for explanation. It's really helpful for better understanding of modeling process