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Not all fronds visible attached to twig spines

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  • Not all fronds visible attached to twig spines

    Not all fronds are staying visible when I increase the amount of spine branches. It goes up to a set amount then won't show anymore unless I am actively manipulating variables. I have tried various gen methods, none seem to render all the fronds.

    Also, the fronds are showing the error, "Parent is invalid (may have been pruned). What does this mean?

    Here's a video of what's happening:

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    This is probably happening because you have a 'Prune' property set on the twigs that the Fronds are attached to. You can check or remove this by selecting the 'Twig' generator, go to the 'Spine' -> 'Prune' group, and set those properties in the 'Prune' group to 0. This make any of the branches that were being removed reappear.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for the reply Sonia. Anything I could check? Here's a vid showing that prune settings are already zeroed


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        Would you mind doing a 'Save as with Assets' into a new folder, zipping that and sending it to [email protected]?

        It would be easier for me to problem solve by having the actual file.



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          I have sent the email


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            On your Big Branches generator, you had 2 failed welds. Since these 2 branches had failed welds, they were removed from the model. So any of the Frond children that spawned from these 2 failed welded branches were counted as pruned/removed, which is why you have the high number of 208. If you want to keep these branch, then in the Big Branches generator -> 'Skin' -> 'Weld' group, just enable the 'Keep failed'. Otherwise, you can also chose to ignore the warning, it's just letting you know.
            ​I was able to add more of 'Twig' branches by either increasing the 'Twig' generator -> 'Generation' -> 'Frequency' or 'Count' values.
            ​I hope this helps!