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how can i make it?

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  • how can i make it?

    plz help
    how i can generate leaves like this?
    (not shape or mean is generate)i try some method but my leaves never been like this and i confused

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    To make a set-up like this, you would want to have a Branch with the bark material, and 2 twig generators with the green stem material. For the last generator Twig placement, I would suggest setting the 'Generation' -> 'Mode' to Interval, with the 'Count' set to 3. Also, I would suggest setting 'Extend Parent' to 'Any'. You will want to make sure the twigs are towards the tip of the parent branch, so set the 'First' and 'Last' to a value of .95 or .98. This will get the twig placement where there are 3 of them near the top and the 4th is the 'Extend Parent' twig. You will probably have to edit the 'Start Angle' as well.

    You would then add a 'Leaf Mesh' generator, and set the mode to 'Absolute', and the first and last set high, for example: First at .98 and 'Last' at .99. So there is one leaf growing at the tip of each of the twigs. You will then want to set the 'Local Orientation' -> 'Align' to 1.0. This will align the leaf so it is growing the same direction as the parent twig.

    Here is a link to a tutorial that describes how to make a Cluster:

    Here is a link to the documentation page about the different 'Generation' modes and their properties:

    Lastly, here is a link to the documentation page on the 'Leaf Mesh' Generator. scroll down to the 'Local Orientation', 'Sensitivity', 'Final Adjustment' and 'Deformation' sections. These will help explain the properties that will be used to get leaf placement, orientation and shape.

    Hope this helps!