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Decorations (Lumps) Not appearing in Unity

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  • Decorations (Lumps) Not appearing in Unity

    Hi, loving Speedtree 8 so far, a big improvement over version 7.

    I am however, having an issue with a tree I am making for my game. The tree is an Australian Blackbutt, and it is a standard trunk, with branches at the top, and a shell to simulate the bark on the bottom half of the tree. Naturally, Blackbutts tend to have large swollen lumps around the base of the trunk. I tried using the lump decorator (on the shell), and it looks perfectly fine in Speedtree Modeler (and shows up in the billboard in Unity). However, in Unity, the lumps are invisible. Is there something I am doing wrong? I am not sure what setting I should be fiddling with to get them to render in Unity. I would appreciate any advise that may help me resolve this issue. I have included some images of the issue.


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    It seems like you have stumbled across a bug. I have logged this for our developers to look at.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!