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    I would love to know how to approach grass in SpeedTree to achieve a similar look as in the Showcase section by Leobartz (Riverhouse).

    Only the trees and some bushes were done in SpeedTree, not grass. If I want to do the grass in SpeedTree how should I approach it? because for now I can make circular patches.
    How would you approach it in SpeedTree?
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    I am unsure how the grass in this demo was made, but normally, we make a Cluster file of various grass blades and export that as a material. Then we open a new spm file, load the textures, make a mesh cutout for it and then make a small path of grass. You would then export that patch (with LOD and wind already tuned), and paint it into your scene. It is important that when painting the grass that it has some rotation, size variance and some hue/color variation on it. Also, when making the cluster, it is importation to get your material set-up and lighting correct.

    Here is a tutorial on how to make Clusters:

    Hope this helps!


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      NIce, may you allow i download your pics?