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Unique Meshes and Atlasing

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  • Unique Meshes and Atlasing

    When exporting from SpeedTree v8.3.0 I cannot find an option to exclude unique meshes from being atlased with leaf cards.

    I've tried using both the new and legacy exporter in the modeler. I have a handful of photogrammetry trunks which I'm using to make variants of the same tree type. The trunks have been uniquely unwrapped and each has a separate texture sheet. I want the trunks' textures to remain unique and un-atlased, but I want the trees as a whole to reference the same leaf card atlas across the variants. The multiple leaf cards each reference small, separate leaf texture sheets and still need to be atlased together. If I choose "none" under atlas, it preserves my trunk texture, but spits out separate leaf cards. This seems like something I used to be able to do with the old compiler (with "Force Atlas" or "Force Copy.")

    Is there a way to force the atlasing of certain assets and preserve the unique texture space others?

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    The entire exporting/unwrapping system, as well as materials themselves, were overhauled in v8, which is why that option currently doesn't exist.

    However, I already have logged to add something like this into the new materials, so in the near future you should be able to do this.


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      That's great to hear, thanks!