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SpeedTree to Clarisse: Grey?

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  • SpeedTree to Clarisse: Grey?

    SpeedTree to Clarisse, materials are not displaying properly. The issue is two-fold:
    - Double sided in SpeedTree is not double sided in Clarisse, I would expect the script to take care of that.
    - If I manually set double sided in Clarisse, I get an ugly grey colour on those sides that used to be black when it was single sided.

    Any idea how to get just the correct material in SpeedTree (if it is correct there), to display in Clarisse.

    I've use the SpeedTree importer script for Clarisse, and in SpeedTree I've used the Palm leaf as is.
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    Sorry for the inconvience, the script needed to be updated for 3.6 sp6. So we made the nessecary changes inorder to update it and it should work correctly now. I am attaching the script in this post.

    Thank you for your patience!
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      Thank you this works with Clarisse 4.
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