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[Newbie-Q] Change of UI - Fronds for Palm

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  • [Newbie-Q] Change of UI - Fronds for Palm


    I am trying to make a palm and therefor i need the adequate fronds.
    In any tutorial i watch the artists work on rather old ST-versions and got the proper add geometry options like in this picture:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	fronds_option.jpg Views:	1 Size:	90.4 KB ID:	6379

    while in 8.3+ all this settings are missing.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	_ascreen2.JPG Views:	1 Size:	114.6 KB ID:	6380

    So how do i get alignment and number-count right ? i cant rotate the frond 90 degrees on the y-axis.
    (p.s. if i use shift tilt for degrees the forum software rejects to post the text ?)

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    In another thread i read about a similar problem and the artist has been advised to add branches first.
    So i assume "big branches" ?

    How to proceed from there ?
    This doesnt feel near as intuitive as the tutorials with the old way of frond branches.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	_ascreen3.JPG
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      With the leaf mesh node i get closer to what i want but how to rotate the leafs 90 degrees on z-axis ?

      Click image for larger version

Name:	_ascreen.jpg
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        Using the "cross" option seemed to help.
        Still not where i want to be but progress.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	_ascreen.jpg
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ID:	6386


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          So far i have to ask: why has the intuitive submenue "fronds branch" been removed ?
          For me as beginner it costs more time now as the documentation isnt really detailed.

          In general there could be more presets.


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            ok, so i m getting there tweaking your palm setup but as it is with single leafs and branches,
            how do i set up the atlas to make use of random leafs ?

            Click image for larger version  Name:	_ascreen.jpg Views:	1 Size:	114.2 KB ID:	6389

            so in order to use my atlas i have to cut out every single leaf to get the wanted quality and variance ?
            mmmmmhhhh... this needs some programming love (e.g. taking shapes from opacity map) because frankly:
            right now i would have been faster in 3dsmax. sure, every beginning in a new software takes some additional time
            but this seems to be a step backwards in this moment. maybe i m wrong because of the procedurality that can
            be achieved but then again, its subscription based, which makes it too expensive on the long run as an one-man-indie-dev.
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              In the older v7 modeler versions, fronds automatically included the branch spine. However, in v8, we separated the branch and the Frond so the user could have more control.

              For the palm you are trying to make, I would suggest adding a Branch generator as the child of the Trunk. Then you would need to edit the properties to get the branch shapes you want for a palm (such as having no 'Noise', adding 'Gravity' to bend them down, placing the branches on the upper part of the trunk using the 'First' and Last'. You can then add a Frond, with the frond material assigned as a child of the branch. The fronds will grow and take the shape of the parent branches, but you can control the overall bends, folds on the frond by using the Frond properties. If you texture has the branch in it and you don't need the parent branches, then you can just go to the Branch generator's -> 'Skin' group and change the 'Type' to 'Spine only'. This will hide the branch geometry.

              As for the Fronds, you can either use the automatic geometry assigned to the Fronds (you can control the amount of Length and Width segments that is in the geometry by editing the Frond generator's -> Segments properties) or you can make your own Mesh Cutout for the material. Just make sure the mesh is assigned to the material in the Materials tab.

              As for cutting out an mesh for each leaf in an atlas, if you look at the Material tab (set the material you want to use), you will notice a Meshes group right under the material sphere viewport. There is an add button in that group that allows you to make and assign multiple meshes/cutouts to that material.

              Here is a link to the documentation page about the Mesh Cutout editor:
              And a link to the tutorial:

              There are also other tutorials and documentation pages that can help you with learning the modeler.

              Hope this helps!


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                Hi Sonia.

                Thank you for your input. I may try the frond-workflow out as the seperate leafs dont quite hit it.
                Cheers and have a nice weekend !

                Click image for larger version

Name:	xxxDemocrazy_screens_102.jpg
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