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Split Highpoly Tree into workable chunks, select and delete assorted parts

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  • Split Highpoly Tree into workable chunks, select and delete assorted parts

    Hello there,
    I have a "Hero" Tree that is very highpoly (50mio poly-ish) with wind animation. It has to be highquality because it takes a lot of space in the frame and is very close to the camera.
    Because i get destroyed / unusable pointcaches at a certain polycount the workflow is to split everything up into small parts, then export these parts to 3dsmax and put it back together there. So far so good.
    I have to do a lot of individual (manual) cutting and shaping of branches and elements because the control with the procedural does not get me where i need to be. So typically i start with a procedural element like Twigs and then i have to delete the ones that i dont want. That is ok for the lower levels of the tree, but escalates quickly in the higher branches levels (its not fun to select 1000 branches one by one).
    So here are the questions: 1.How can i select multiple / individual branches, with a rectangle selection for example (drag mouse over certain branches i want to select) 2. Is there a possibility to clip/delete eg. the complete upper half of the tree because its not visible in later camera framing?
    I appreciate any help! Thx a lot!
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    In the export settings, you have some options to export the mesh by groupings. For what you described, I would suggest using 'Group by' -> 'Hierarchy'. This way, you can hide certain sections of the upper leaf and branch structure. As for the rectangle selection, in 3DS Max, you can divide the polygons and then it will treat the whole mesh as individual triangles, this way the drag rectangle select and delete should work.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for your suggestions but i was hoping to find those solutions for speedtree to streamline the workflow (why export millions of polys if i dont need them later). Also i dont want to alter the mesh structure a lot in 3dsmax as it becomes really sluggish and sensitiv. my problem is that i have a lot of proceduraly generated branches in speedtree that i dont need / want and i am looking for a solution to quickly select them. I think of that as a super basic feature and i cant believe that its not in there i just cant find it
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        You can just hide generators in the modeler, so it doesn't export those sections. Also, you can select specific ones by node editing and remove them. Not sure if you were aware of this.


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          Yes i am aware of those features thank you. If i pick a generator and hide him (lets say branches for example) it will hide all branches that are generated by the node , they are alll over the tree. I dont want to hide all of them but maybe only the ones that are in the upper half of the tree. As i stated in my first post , the problem with having to select each individual twig that you want to delete is that this is not doable at the higher levels anymore, there are literally like 10k to 50k twigs that i would have to click and delete. It would be easier to be able to select those twigs with a rectangle selection for example. Is this not possible?