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How to use a custom mesh as a support?

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  • How to use a custom mesh as a support?

    Hello everyone, I have already asked these questions to my teachers at my school, as well as several forums but no one was able to answer me so I ask directly from you. How do you import a mesh of a soft like Houdini for example, on speedtree and then plant grass on it? (I know how to make grass my problem is "how to plant grass on a mesh import?") I do not want to make a FX pass on my OBJ but I wish I directly animated my grass with speedtree, then export my grass to import it again on Houdini, the grass will be perfectly placed and animated Thank you !

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    Are you using SpeedTree v7 or v8? Also, are you using SpeedTree Cinema, Games or subscription modeler for UE4/Unity?

    The answer will vary based from your reply to these questions.



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      thank you SoniaPiasecki for taking the time to answer me. I use Speedtree Modeler V8 Cinema


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        So, first you'd want to import you mesh into SpeedTree.

        Then create a 'Zone' generator and assign the mesh to it. You can do this by clicking the generator, the properties for it will appear, and clicking 'Meshes' -> 'Enable'. This will allow you to add a mesh to the Zone. You will also want to enable 'Growth' -> 'Area Influence' which will help with the orientation and distribution placement of the children you place onto this mesh.

        Here is a link to the documentation about 'Zones':

        Also, here is a screenshot of the settings in the generator to help you get started.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Terrain_zone.JPG
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        Hope this helps!