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Performance - SpeedTree 8.3 using HDRP.

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  • Performance - SpeedTree 8.3 using HDRP.

    Hi guys, I have some concern about SpeedTree.

    I would like to use speedtree in my current project, but doing some performance testing I have some questions.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bush_1.jpg
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    In this image on top we see a bush that I got from the unity store, as you can see take 6 draw call.

    At the bottom I'm using a speedtree bush, and take 6 draw call too. Even the speedtree bush has less triangules and vertices. (Both bushes have only one material)

    My concern come when I used more than one.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bush_2.jpg
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    On the top bush I see a normal behavior, Unity is packing (batching), so render four bushes is equivalent to render one (6 draw call). That is something that I expect that happen using instancing mesh.

    But the speedtree bush, is not instancing, is not batching. The engine need 6 (draw call) x 4 = 24 to render these four bushes.

    Now, considering that I need to place this bush along a big area, this is to much draw call and is not quite efficient.

    My questiosn is:

    1) is this behavior normal in SpeedTree meshes?
    2) is it a bug or performance issue?

    As you can see in this image I activate GPU instancing in the material.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bush_3.jpg
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    Thanks for any help

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    Hi. Well doing some test, I realized that if I set in the LOD Group component of the speedtree gameobject Fade Mode = Cross Fade or None, Unity batch the speedtree objects.