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Problems when exporting photogrammetry from Speedtree Indie

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  • Problems when exporting photogrammetry from Speedtree Indie

    Hi, I have a test run on speedtree indie and took it to see how photometry works to create game assets.
    In Speedtree all is well. But when exporting to the unreal 4 engine, I see a sharp joint between the barrel and the scan. It does not look very beautiful. How to fix this?

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    You seem to be using vertex blending on the stitch. This works, but you won't be able to get a great fidelity on a smooth blend at runtime because we don't use alpha blending there, only alpha testing. We use a fizzle pattern to fade from one to the other.

    Instead, look into generating a texture to use on the stitch. This will let you keep your smooth blend and will actually end up being less geometry (and that small texture can go into the atlas). (this doc is very similar to the vertex blend one, but note the "Generate and Apply the Textures" section)

    Hope this helps


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      Thank. Everything turned out well but there was a small strip below.Click image for larger version

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        That's due to texture sampling. Try adjusting the "Band Region:Geometry:Pinch V" properties on the stitch a little bit to get rid of it.