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  • UV atlas packing

    How can I pack in the atlas only the textures of the leaves at the same time as the textures of the trunk and the branches leave tiled?

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    You have a number of options in the export dialog dealing with the atlas

    I'm not sure if I quite understand your question. Are you asking how to get everything in the atlas but leave branches tiling? Basically, anything that is in the atlas cannot be tiled, since texcoords outside 0-1 would start picking up the surrounding textures. However, we have an option "allow v-tiling" in the export dialog. What this does is anything that tiles in V will be placed in the atlas so that the top and bottom of the texture touch the edges of the atlas, allowing v-tiling to be ok (you'll have to put "everything" in the atlas for this to happen). You'll still have to worry about too many U tiles taking up space, so you'll want to limit how many times your branch textures tile and twist in U. But this will allow you to put everything into the atlas and get a 1 draw call tree, but still keep pretty good texture resolution on the trunk.

    Hope this helps