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Quick question styalised trees

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  • Quick question styalised trees

    I want to recreate this type of tree. I can get similar results by using maya normal transfers from a sphere but I can't seem to get the fullness and the light to react similar to below in speedtree. Can anyone point me in the right direction? The mesh section is locked off. I thought the right way to attack it would be bringing in an oval mesh and generating leaves on it but the mesh option seems to be locked off in the unity version. thanks

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    Your more "painterly" looking trees are more of a shader effect than just how you make the model. The gif looks like a solid color + shadows. So you would need to investigate different shader effects to achieve that look in your game.

    However, editing how light affects leaves is something you can do in the Modeler. On the leaf generator, there is a whole lighting section of properties. Click the arrow on the group and choose "Help" to see descriptions of what those properties do. If you wish to see the vertex normals themselves, you can enable them in the show menu of the tree window, or by hitting 'N'.

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks for the response.

      I've got another question. I want to go more the direction of Rimes trees. It looks like most of the leaves are generated on to a spherical shape. I can do that with a zone mesh in Speedtree easy enough but is there a way to attach the zone mesh to a branch so that it can move with the branches?

      If this isn't possible, is there a simple way to generate a sphere like shape with in speedtree on branches.

      Thanks again


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        If you have the Zone generator as a child of the main level branches, then it should be attached and follow the branch in the wind.


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          That did the trick. Thanks, dunno what I was doing wrong before.

          Another question, If I want to have three trunks wrapping around each other, is there a way to merge the geometry so that the 3 trunks become one?


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            Example of the inside of the trunks


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              No, there isn't a way to merge three separate trunks. However, you can create a trunk with a split and then have the third trunk as it's own generator. This way, at least two of them will be one merged piece.

              Hope this helps!