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Animation offset when splitting up in multiple parts

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  • Animation offset when splitting up in multiple parts

    I have a highpoly tree with wind animation that i have to split up in many parts to export , if i put the parts together in 3dsmax the animation is not matching up.
    There are blossoms at the very end of fine twigs, those are exported separately from the tree, after putting it back together the blossoms are "floating"and do not stick to the twigs anymore, the animations do not match

    - If i make everything visible in Speedtree and enable wind, the animation matches
    - i tried different export formats , fbx and alembic both giving the same result
    - The scale in the export from Speedtree is set to 1
    - The Group by is set to Hierarchy (0-all)

    any ideas how to fix that?
    Thank you

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    Make sure you are not using gusting, as it is random. There is an option to disable this in the export dialog, so be sure to uncheck that.

    Just out of curiosity, what are you trying to do by exporting them separately?

    Hope this helps


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      Gusting was disabled but i found the reason for the problem.
      To split up the parts for export i hided the nodes that i didnt want to export, then i used the export mesh function from the menu. that produced the offset in the animation.
      I had to leave all nodes visible and select the ones for export and use the export selected mesh function.
      Everything works now.