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    Hi all. Im trying to make some low poly trees with Speedtree Indie that have around 20.000 polys max. I heard that a good method on saving polys would be using clusters and i found your how to make clusters video on youtube. I unfortunaly made the experience though in the past before using speedtree that clusters look rather unrealistic on a tree as its just a plane and doesnt have any dimension lets say. Do you have a any tips and tricks on how to use clusters and make them look rather realistic on my tree? (settings, size, mode allignment, curl and all that) Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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    I'd be more than happy to give you some tips!

    If you are using Leaf generators, go to the 'Deformation' group. There you will find 3 important properties that will help give shape to your leaf clusters. Depending on the tree you are making and the look, I would suggest applying each of these properties (Fold, Curl and Twist) and use the curves to have certain areas affected less or more. I would then suggest adding a small variance on these 3 properties, as well as the 3 'Final Adjustment' properties.

    As for alignment, it depends on the Generation style and placement. If you using either 'Phyllotaxy' -> 'Opposite' or 'Alternating', I tend to then set the 'Local Orientation' -> 'Align' property to a high value like .95 and then set the curve to 'Linear Growth'. This will keep the leaves towards the tip of the branch angled closer to the branch and the ones towards the end of the branch more spread out. I also tend to make the leaves towards the tip of the branch smaller than the ones in the back.

    Incase you need more information on what the properties do, here is a link to the Leaf Mesh documentation page:

    Hope this helps!