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    Has anyone used maya and 3Delight to render their Speedtrees? I'm running into several issues with the trunk shaders regarding light interpretation and texture stretching. Is there a proven standard for importing and rendering? Right now I am importing just a standard fbx instead of the speedtree fbx to avoid theese problems but would like to take advantage of the speedtree export options.


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    We don't currently have a lot of experience with 3Delight, or RenderMan, but we will most likely be investigating it in the future.

    What sort of problems are you seeing (a screenshot could help)? I'm guessing you're using Maya?

    I do know that some systems don't do well with the layered textures (diffuse, detail, seam blending are all separate layers). I would assume RenderMan/3Delight should be able to handle it, but our material setup may not be doing it in a way it likes. Have you tried exporting an unwrapped mesh from the Modeler? That will bake everything into a single texture map, depending on the settings you use.


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      Yeah I am using Maya, when I tried the unwrapped mesh the render spit out all black, even the alpha was black, but it rendered fine in Mental Ray. The biggest problem I'm dealing with is the seam blending not working which makes the models pretty useless for up close shots.


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        problem was 3delight not understanding the bump as tangent Space normals until I added an extra vector attribute to bump2d node and connected texture through that.