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Unit System - Speed Tree Cinema v8.3.0

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  • Unit System - Speed Tree Cinema v8.3.0

    I have a question in regards of the scaling or unit system. Near your tree you have this human holding a measurment line, I discovered that the measurments are in foot.

    But I cannot find anything else besides the one measurement pole the human is holding, I would love to know the diameter of the trunk for example, is this possible?
    I already took a brief look inside the guide but I couldn't find anything

    Help would be much appreciated!

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    SpeedTree is unitless. That is, you can model a tree in whatever units you wish.

    The trees in our library are modeled where 1 unit = 1 foot, but you can convert a tree to other unit systems using the scale options in the tools menu. The only place where units really matter is the little guy holding the height measurement, but you can change that in the app preferences. Currently he is set to 6 units tall (ie feet), but you can change that as well for whatever you want.

    To answer directly... we don't have a measurement tool, unfortunately, but the numbers you set for the radius of the trunk are in whatever unit you are currently assuming. We do measure the height, and you can gauge the rest from the guy in the scene. Many properties can be set relative to their parent, as well, so once your trunk is scaled correctly, the rest will follow.

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks alot! Yes that will do the trick! I couldn't find the convert tool! Tools > scene unit conversion!