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Twiste Trees started from the Roots, possible?

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  • Twiste Trees started from the Roots, possible?

    Hey there,

    im new here and i want to ask if its possible to create something like shown on the picture.
    From the ground up twisted, with roots coming from the bottom and not from the side. The most trees i saw on YouTube Tutorials were more straight then twisted.
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      Yes, you can create a tree like this using the ST modeler. As you mentioned, we currently don't have any tutorials showing how. We do have some trees on our store that are similar.

      To make something like this, it is best to use a displacement map to create the deep grooves. You would load this map in the 'Displacement' tab, assign it in the Trunk generator (under the 'Displacement' group, change 'Source' to the texture you loaded. The you will use the displacement U & V Scale properties to get the map distributed like you want. From that point, you can then add the roots. You will want to use the 'Start Angle', 'Gravity' property and the Planar force (along with their curves) to get the roots to grow in a plane like direction instead of just going up and down. Using the 'Welding' -> 'Spread' -> 'Upper Scale' property will help get that nice blend between the roots and the trunk by stretching the upper geometry of the weld up the trunk to create a web effect.

      Reading these documentation pages will also help you get a better understanding of what these properties do and what you can use them for:

      Hope this helps!