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Hand drawing in Speedtree 8 as in Speedtree 7?

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  • Hand drawing in Speedtree 8 as in Speedtree 7?

    I recently switched to Speedtree 8 but I'm downright appalled how the handdrawing now works as seen in this video
    In Speedtree 7 you could handdraw a tree stump, branch etc. in a continous motion, in version 8 everytime you do it the process gets interrupted by spawning a stump, which you have to reclick to continue which in my oppinion destroys the purpose of the workflow. Is there a way to change settings to be able to draw in a fluid motion againwithout beeing interrupted by the tool or is that a hardcoded feature?


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    This change was because of how easy it was to mess up the starting position. If you click just slightly too close to the middle of the trunk, the branch will start out facing you, then jink in the direction you're drawing.

    Now, spawning and drawing are two separate actions. Hold space, click click click where you want all your branches to start. Then rotate the tree to a more optimal angle for the shape you want (even a view from above), then draw them.

    Sorry you aren't happy with the new functionality. I will log your complaints
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      Gotcha... thx