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Cannot change shader for exported trees

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  • Cannot change shader for exported trees

    When exporting custom v7 trees from the v7 modeler, I cannot access the shaders in Unity. I have custom shaders I would like to use. The models I purchased work fine but those from the modeler, even ones that are variations of the purchased trees do not allow me to access the materials but are grayed out.

    I hope this is just some problem and not a thing with trees exported. Anyone find a solution to this problem?

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    Unity changed how materials are handled a little. When you import a new tree now, the materials are contained inside the prefab. Select the tree, go to the material tab in the inspector, and click extract materials. Then you can edit them.


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      Thanks, Greg!
      I actually figured that out a wee bit ago. It works, but is a little unstable. The tree seems to sometimes lose its materials. A Unity problem, of course. I appreciate the quick response.