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How to edit Leaf Motion - Group 2

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  • How to edit Leaf Motion - Group 2

    Hi guys.

    I'm not sure if it is a bug or I just don't know how to do it now, but I can't seem to find a way to edit the Leaf Motion of Group 2 in Wind Properties in Speedtree UE4 8.0 and above

    I have a tree with fruit, so I want different wind types for the lafs and the fruit.

    I have set up the Wind Groups in the Leaf Mesh Properties / Wind tab so leafs uses Group 1 and Fruit uses Group 2

    In Wind Properties tab however, under Leaf Motion, in early versions (before 8.0) there was drop down menu with options to show Group 1, Group 2 or both, so one can change the leaf motion setting for each group. Now that drop down menu is missing.

    Is there another way to set the settings for the second Leaf Motion Group? Or maybe thats a bug?

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    The 'Leaf Motion' settings is applied to all Leaf generators. We changed it so in the Leaf Generator, you can assign it to Group 1 or Group 2 and then edit the 'Scalar' property and it's curves to get the motion you want.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi mate, thanks for the fast response.
      I can't quite get it though...

      The Scalar property in the Leaf Generator just scales the motion, as it is supposed to, I think.

      In the Leaf Generator / Wind you can assign it as Group 1 or Group 2.
      When editing the Leaf Motion settings, It sais as before - Ripple 1, Tumble 1, as for Group 1, and all changes there applies only to Leaf Generators with Group 1
      Furthermore, if I import a Speedtree 7 tree with 2 groups set up in Speedtree 8, the wind behaves as it was set in 7 - with different Leaf Motion settings.
      So I guess Speedtree 8 still uses 2 different Leaf Motion settings for both groups, only lacks the interface for editing the second one ....


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        The 'Group 2' leaf wind is based off the 'Leaf Motion' set in the Wind Settings. You are just controlling how much of it is applied and where by using that generators 'Wind' properties. If you want no wind on the fruit, or very little, then set the Blue curve to 'Min' or have a very small curve. We changed how we do wind in v7 and v8, so it won't be the same.


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          Sorry for my late answer.

          I see, sadly this won't work well for me and I I'll stick with SpeedTree 7 for now