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Missing frond holder(branch with no width) in 8.3

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  • Missing frond holder(branch with no width) in 8.3


    I'm trying to use Speedtree modeler(Game ver) now, and also opening some pre-made trees to learn how to make trees.
    And I found the pre-made trees has "Frond Holder"(Black and white dots icon) node in the trees.
    However, I can't find the same node in 8.3 version of modeler.

    I know I can save the node(Template) and bring it to the new tree so I can use that, but I wonder why the node is gone.
    Also without the "Frond Holder" what node can I use instead of that? Can I use just branch and make them 0 width?


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    The icon you are showing is just the normal SpeedTree Branch generator with the geometry hidden. You can do this by going to the Branch generator -> 'Skin' group and changing the 'Type' from 'Polygons' to 'Spine only'. The way fronds work is that they need a spine to grown off of, which is the branch generator. But in certain instances, the actual geometry of the branch may not be needed, so you can hide that geometry but keep the spine. This also helps keep the triangle count down when using clusters for game models.

    Hope this helps!