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How to keep shading groups on mesh import (into speedtree) / frond mesh? 8.3.0

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  • How to keep shading groups on mesh import (into speedtree) / frond mesh? 8.3.0


    is there a way to keep / import shading groups along with an imported mesh to be used in a ST model? If so, what are the settings on export / import?

    Right now I have two separate .spm files, one where I set up the main tree and another one used to create a frond mesh, which is composed of several parts (like main branch, secondary branches, fruit ...) featuring different materials, which I would like to come along when used as a frond mesh in the main model.

    Thanks. Cheers, Felix

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    If you have a branch structure with leaves and fruit that you want to export, you can do this by going to File -> Export Mesh and in the Export settings set 'Textures' to 'Unwrap UVs'. This will make that all into one combined mesh and unwrap and atlas the materials. This way, you can just import the mesh into your other SPM and assign the one unwrapped material. However, the one downside with combining this into one mesh is that you aren't going to get individual wind motion for the various parts.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi Sonia,

      thanks for your help! I think this is the way I will do it, since I do not need that animation part for this project anyways. I guess there is currently no way to make ST read-in the shading group information stored in an .obj file, like it gets exported when I choose export>group by material? Thanks.