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Help and guidance needed for a newbie to Speedtree. (Unity Edition)

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  • Help and guidance needed for a newbie to Speedtree. (Unity Edition)

    First of all, hello fellow Speedtree artists!
    A quick introduction: Im currently working on a indie project, its an RPG/RTS game in an environment made using assets from Quixel. So we are aiming high-quality.
    What kind of tree i need help with: Im trying to create an animated tree, with "3 states", growing from a dead tree, to a 'normal' version, to a magical version and vice-versa. (see picture)

    Im new to speedtree, but im a rather quick learner. I have watched most tutorials i could find on youtube, and read the documentation. However im still afraid in not equipped well enough, to create a quality tree (with the animation descripted above).

    So far, i can get rather close to the "dead tree look", mainly using, the gnarl force and also twisting the shape of the spine, but since i dont understand the "coordinate-system" tools that well yet, i have to feel my way around, and it ends up looking "pixelated" in the corners of the gnarl effects on my tree. Even with materials on.
    I also believe i need a "magnet force" on top of the tree, pulling the branches upwars towards the same point, but i cant seem to get that working correctly.

    Could you perhaps tell me how you would approach creating this tree concept, in the cleanest way, so it will also look natural in-game with its animation? (imagine the trunk tightening abit as the tree comes more alive, but not as twisted as on the 'magical tree in the picture').
    How would you create the trunk, and how would u create the "symmetrical branches" with set "vortex/gnarl/twist" effect that you see on the picture?

    I hope you guys can help me understand the toolsets better, so i hopefully, can help others in the future aswell!


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    I am not sure how you plan to achieve the animated tree part, but the subscription versions doesn't included animated growth. Also, the animated growth animation wouldn't import into Unity.

    As for the pixelated corners, do you mean that their isn't enough geometry in the bended areas of the branch or in the texture itself? If it's the geometry, then I would suggest increasing the 'Segments' -> 'Length' -> '+Relative' property. This will add more length segments to your branches. Then you can use the 'Optimization' property to keep the segments around the bends and remove the segments in the straight areas. This will help keep the shape and reduce the triangle count.

    Here is a link to the documentation page about the branch properties, just scroll down to the 'Segments' section:

    To create this shape, I would actually suggest importing a sphere mesh into the modeler and use that as a mesh force. You would place this sphere in the spot you want, set the 'Force action' to 'Attract' and 'Collide Action' to 'Obstruct'. You will then need to go to the Branch generator that you want the force to be applied to and enable it in the 'Forces' group. You will probably have to edit the Force value and the green and blue curves to get the look you want and combine this with the use of other forces: such as Gnarl or Twist. This will make the branch grow around the sphere mesh and then you can set the curve so that the top of the branch continue to grow up. You will probable need a 'Direction' force as well. The key is to find the balance between the multiple forces you will need to use.

    Here are links to the documentation page about the Mesh Forces:

    If you need more help, feel free to email us at [email protected]

    Hope this helps!