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Speedtree 5.2 to UE3 : Disable trunk wind effect

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  • Speedtree 5.2 to UE3 : Disable trunk wind effect


    As the title of my thread suggest I am trying to disable the wind effect on Tree trunk totally so that only the Frond are animated in UE3 by wind. I have tried to not apply wind on tree trunk but this does not have any effect.

    Another question is, in UE3 editor I can adjust Wind force and then X Y Z force, does it means that durint the SRT import to UE3 all wind settings from Modeler are ignored?


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    The checkbox on the spine generator just affects branch wind application on that level. Even with that disabled, the entire tree can still sway with global wind. Zero out the global wind in the main wind settings (click the fan) to disable it entirely on the tree, and thus prevent the trunk from moving.

    All the wind settings you do in the Modeler come over into UE3. It was just a design decision to not litter the UnrealEd interface with 100 different wind parameters when they can be easily edited in the SpeedTree Modeler.

    Hope this helps


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      Originally posted by Greg Croft View Post
      Hope this helps
      It does, I actually found out the answer shortly after posting... Can you just confirm that the Wind settings in UE3 Editor on the ST actor have ZERO effect and that all wind settings are in ST Modeler?


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        The direction and strength in the USpeedTree object properties in UnrealEd should have an effect. Those are the only editable SpeedTree wind parameters in UE3.